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  Seamless Extensions for Fine or Thinning hair

UltraTress II is more than ordinary hair extensions. It is a seamless system that benefits your hair if it is too thin, flyaway, too limp or damaged from all the things you've done to try to make your hair better.  UltraTress II can help where ordinary hair extensions can't.  
Ultratress II utilizes a unique method of application. This allows the hair to be placed higher up on the scalp and temples, which allows you to alter your hair in all directions, not just lengthwise.

UltraTressII wefts are a unique product utilizing advanced adhesive bonds applied in a sandwich technique. Multiple usages are for length, volume, repair, creative color application and special effects. Comfortable to wear for 8 to 12 weeks without ridges or bumps. Itís ideal for people with baby fine hair. The most natural appearing attachment method thatís Technically advanced, UltraTress II is ahead of its time.


Fusion Hair Extensions for Normal hair

UltraStrands is another type of Extension System that incorporates bonded strands to your natural hair in a Fusion method.  Perfect for someone who is looking for versatility in their hair style.   
Whether you want the added length and styling flexibility
or you're just looking for a change but you're afraid of damage to your natural hair, this revolutionary multiple strands application method also allows you greater styling options and is a virtually seamless transition.
You will love the removal too! Imagine having the bond crystallize and turn to powder after applying the remover. Itís that simple


Comfortable and light- weight for the client to wear
Easy non- damaging removal process

Add length
Add fullness
Add hi-lights or low-lights without chemicals
Color correct without added chemicals
Correct bad haircuts allowing time for your natural hair to grow out
Fashion change

Medical Community:
Medically graded
Water resistant
Aid to thinning hair


Reapplication and Maintanance

If after 8-12 weeks you would like to keep wearing your extensions, they will need to be removed and applied closer to the scalp.  If this is not done, the weight of the extensions on your natural hair will pull and could cause damage to your natural hair.  The hair removed will be re-bonded and reapplied. (Re-bonding will take 24 hours and can be reapplied the following day unless enough hair is left over from the initial application that can be used)  Additional Fees Apply for removing, re-bonding and reapplying.


Important Note:

*Many Stylists can apply extensions but the reality is improper application methods and removal processes can damage your existing hair and finding a specialist who takes into account the integrity and health of your hair is top priority. Hair Extensions are an investment. Donít waste your time and money on someone who promises a quick application at the fraction of the cost. This only promises you hair that is not premium quality and a stylist who is not properly trained. 

Call me today for a free consultation to find out if hair extensions are a possibility for you!

Hair Extensions
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